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What is sublimation printing? Sublimation printing (also called DYE sublimation) is a design process where inks are transferred onto the product using heat; heat press @ 400F. By using special inks and purpose built machines, designs can be printed on a wide variety of items such as shirts (polyester preferred), mugs, totes, jewelry, etc. 

Sublimation is fast and cost-effective. In other words, the printing technique allows you to make large quantities of items in a short period. Another plus point is the longevity of the designs. The designs you create with sublimation printing won’t peel, crack, or fade – even after going through countless washing machine cycles.

Sublimation Printing vs Heat transfer 

*Sublimation printing and heat transfer follow the same procedure. You print an image onto transfer paper in both methods and then apply heat and pressure to it. However, the end effects of both printing techniques are different.

*In sublimation printing, the ink becomes a part of the print media, whereas, in heat transfer, the image only becomes a layer on top of the print media. Also, Sublimation printing is more long-lasting than heat transfer so that you can produce high-quality results of any shape with this method.

*But the benefit of heat transfer over sublimation is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. All you need is an iron to transfer a print. Another advantage is that heat transfer works for all kinds of fabrics, no matter what material or color. In contrast, the sublimation printer will restrict you to only white polyester fabric.

Sublimation Gallery

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